About Us

Our passion is building and helping ensure our clients realise their dream home easily and stress-free. Guiding clients through the process and seeing their dream become a reality gives us pride in what we do.

We are incredibly family orientated and follow this through the entire culture of our business from our staff to our clients.

We were inspired to build our business with a strong team that values integrity. That is why we dedicated the first few years building our exceptional team that has a close eye for detail ensuring they deliver quality results. We believe that by looking after our Freedom Family they in turn look after our Freedom Clients.

​We have invested time and money into implementing systems from the site through to the office that we are continuously improving. These systems ensure we can deliver consistently on our Freedom Guarantee every time.

In our spare time you will usually find us on the beach with our children and dogs or making the most of the winter months up the mountain.

Freedom Structures

AJ Brain & Amy Wilson

Owners & Directors, Freedom Structures