Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical build take?

A standard 3-4 Bedroom home on a flat site will take approximately six months to build. Sometimes we have to allow for minor delays during the winter months.

How much will the build cost?

Because our homes are custom designed and everybody has completely different specifications, the cost varies widely. We will work around your budget to build your dream home within your reach. You are welcome to choose from our set Certified Builder Plans.

Do you have any pre-set plans?

You are welcome to choose from our set of Certified Builder plans. We still like to customise the plans to fit the section and requirements of our clients.

How much can I customise?

Because our builds are unique for each customer, we give you options of what products are used and what finishing touches like flooring & carpet, kitchen cabinetry, wall colours you’d like to make the home your own.

Do I need to have pre-purchased land?

No you don’t. We have relationships with a number of developers and are happy to work with you to find a section.

Do you offer finance?

We do not, however we have a mortgage broker who specialises in obtaining construction loans. We also have turn-key, fixed price options to keep the bank happy.

What things are excluded from the contract?

That’s up to you – we can include as little or as much in the final contract as you like. Freedom structures includes landscaping, curtaining and fencing in our builds, but if you’d like to source these on your own you’re free to do so.

I know someone who can help, is that possible?

We have a solid team of builders working together with our trusted suppliers, and to have each build flow without any interruptions we recommend utilising our preferred contractors.

Can I visit the site?

Absolutely — you’ll need to visit to make decisions and see how your home is progressing. For health and safety reasons and to avoid disturbing our builders, you can make appointment with one of us to assist you on a site visit.

How can i keep updated on the progress?

You’ll receive a customer login through our website where we’ll put up weekly updates so you can track how your home is progressing.

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